This page is devoted totally to the great instrument of all times, the bass. It is my favorite instrument, solely because it launched the best era ever...70's funk. Since then, only few players have mastered the bass like it was done 20 years prior. Listed below are a group of bass players that I find are the best today.


Flea is the current bass player of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In my opinion, he is the best bass player in the business because of his ability to move around the frets. The picture says it all.

One Hot Minute Aeroplane

Mike Dirnt

Mike Dirnt plays for the infamous punk rock band, Green Day. His unique bass lines have spiced up many a song and turned them into the A+ material that they are today.

Insomniac Stuart and the Ave.

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins is the god of everything that is FUNK. He can go up and down the bass quicker than Macgyver can defuse a frickin bomb! sheeeeeet! Works include: James Brown, Parliament

The Best of Parliament Give up the Funk

Mark White

It's obvious that Mark White, the bassist of the Spin Doctors, has had a detailed background of funk. His slap technique of playing has drawn me to love this band's music.

Pocket Full of Kryptonite What time is it?

Graham Maby

Graham Maby, a stand in bass player for They Might Be Giants, is one of the best bass players that the 90's has to offer. TMBG is, without a doubt, at a loss when his tricky bass lines are not on their cds.

Factory Showroom Till My Head Falls Off

Robert Sledge

Rob Sledge is, without a doubt, one of my favourite players because his skills are so good that his band, Ben Folds Five, doesn't even have a guitarist. Although his bass lines don't have a funk feel to them, he is still considered high on my list because of knowledge of the frets.

Ben Folds Five (self-titled) Uncle Walter

Jim Creeggan

Jim Creegan, of the Barenaked Ladies, is a great bassist, not only because he can play a mean stand up bass, but because his bass lines hold the song together. All in all, he is the band's structure.

Born on a Pirate Ship I know

Dan Murray

Dan Murray, the bassist of Wendy, who is currently in Germany, was the best bass player in all of Pennsylvania. His catchy, funky lines have made the band what it is today.

Punchline Midnight Tide

Hal Cragin

Hal Cragin's work for Mono Puff (and They Might Be Giants) is also one the most amazing pieces ever put together. His addition to their songs is something right out of classic 70's funk. Truely a show-stopper.

It's Fun to Steal Dashiki Lover